An awesome video from Lord Hedlund

What can I say, this guy is the epitomy of a goodwill ambassador for Scotland!


found on youtube, Lord Hedlund tours Scotland.


3 Responses to “An awesome video from Lord Hedlund”

  1. Dawn Dawson says:

    Happy #FollowFriday again! from the States!

    Hope by the time I can visit they haven’t Bulldozed the whole Country! : )

    Developer knocks down 250-year-old Fife wall

    Follow @LochaberLocal on Twitter hope to follow you too! Everybody stay safe!

  2. Makes you proud to be scottish, don’t we now appreciate what we have got, when someone else points it out! Nice Vid there mate!

  3. Mattwi says:

    Watching that video actually makes me want to go! The countryside is really impressive.

    Word of advice to other visitors, if you get the chance to go to Edinburgh too, then do so, it’s amazing, and make sure you go during the festival, although it’s not like there isn’t enough to see or do the rest of the time.

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