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Highland Ski Area opens on earliest date for 13 years

By Craig Murphy

Following persistent early snowfall skiers and snowboarders will be able to take to the slopes of Nevis Range, Fort William, in the  , this weekend (Saturday 4 and Sunday 5  December), two weeks earlier than scheduled and the ski area’s  earliest season opening for thirteen years.

Snow has been falling on the slopes for almost a month, a good base has built up and the conditions are now looking fantastic.

The resort has been in the process of carrying out its annual  maintenance schedule, which includes working on its gondola system,  ski lifts and tows.  Howeve, by working round the clock the team of  engineers will have all the maintenance completed in time for the opening weekend.

The resort is in the process of expanding its Equipment Hire and building a new café bar restaurant.  Unfortunately the new Equipment  Hire will not be ready for this weekend and customers are advised to  hire equipment before they travel.

Marian Austin, MD commented, ‘We hadn’t planned to open  until Saturday 18 December, but with the recent snowfall the  conditions have been improving steadily, so decided to open early this  weekend.  Thanks must go to our engineering team who have been working  tirelessly so that we will can open early.  This will be the earliest  date we have opened since 1996 when we opened for one day in November.’

She continued, ‘So far our roads have been clear.  We’re lucky, our  car park is just above sea level and once people arrive, the gondola  takes them quickly up the mountain to the ski area.  However customers  are advised to keep watching the websites for the latest snow and  weather conditions.’



2 Responses to “Highland Ski Area opens on earliest date for 13 years”

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  2. Ira C. Harris says:

    I’ve never been to Nevis Range, Fort William but based on what I read over the net, it’s like the equivalent of Deer Valley here in US:

    How I wish I can go there someday.

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