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3 Types of Isle of Skye Hotels

A Hotel, as distinguished by VisitScotland, will have at least 20 rooms and have the same standard offerings as Small Hotels, such as facilities, meals, and drinks. It”s extremely uncommon to not find lunch available at an Isle of Skye Hotel.

The larger hotels will have personality and a flair of their own, but will often not be managed day to day by one owner, which is common at the Small Hotels. A Small Hotel generally ranges in size from 6 to 20 rooms for let. Bedrooms typically have some form of private facilities and are generally ensuite. While breakfast and dinner are regularly served, a select few may, on rare occasion, not offer lunch. A drinks licence is standard for Small Hotels, though some may carry the restricted licence. What sets Small Hotels apart from their bigger brother Hotels is the owner influence on the property.

No two Small Hotels are the same, thanks to the style, and often personality, of the owner. These hotels are guaranteed to have a unique charm of their own, making them distinguishable from all others on the island. Country House Hotels are frequently luxurious properties with large garden areas, and will be found off the beaten path in rural areas. In addition to the standard facilities, meals and drinks, you can count on finding some peace, quiet, and tranquility at a Country House Hotel.



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