Diving off the Isle of Skye

Skye Diving There are many incredible sights when diving in and around Scotland, such as the the Edible Sea Urchin pictured above.  Thanks to Scotdiver and Flickr for sharing the great photograph!

While there are a number of great dive shops to choose from in Scotland, if you are considering diving off the Isle of Skye, then it’s worth considering “Dive & Sea the Hebrides”.  They’ve been in business for over two decades and have all the bases covered when it comes to planning great dives. If you’re an experienced diver, but don’t want to travel with all your kit, they have it available.

Boat charters? Of course!  With some great package pricing, incredibly detailed knowledge of all the best dive sites, and commitment to service, there is no one I would recommend calling before Dive and Sea the Hebrides. Check out their website for full details… Telephone: 01470592219 Website:  Dive and Sea the Hebrides



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